Safety and Environmental

Kelvin Hughes supplies its SharpEye™ radar transceivers into environmental and safety applications bringing benefits through ultra-high reliability, low cost, and superior performance. We have numerous applications where SharpEye™ is detecting extremely small targets such as flocks of birds, ultra-lights and even livestock over land and sea environments.

Kelvin Hughes works with expert partners to empower their solutions to environmental and or safety driven applications with the capability of the SharpEye™ radar transceiver. New applications are evolving constantly that lend themselves to the introduction of a radar transceiver and antenna as a primary sensor for detection of small and difficult targets in a cost effective and highly reliable manner. The radars commonly operate in the S-band but are also available in X-band.

Being able to detect and track small targets such as livestock, wild animals, birds and bats enables appropriate actions to be taken or risk and safety cases to be developed easily when integrated by the expert solution provider to their data collection and analysis system.

It has been proven that the cost of implementing a radar based sensor solution pays back immediately when assessed against the risk of not meeting legislation or laws put in place to protect the environment, wildlife and human safety quickly. Being able to see the target reliably at long and short range that you wish to protect or protect others from is a distinct advantage in risk mitigation.

  • Avian Migration
  • Bird Strike
  • Land animals and livestock tracking
  • Habitat protection
  • Airport Surface Movement radar (SMR)
  • Wind farm gap filling