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Security Systems

Kelvin Hughes leads the way in detection for security and surveillance applications. Utilising its SharpEye™ solid state X-Band radar, paired with the latest in multi-role camera mounts, provides versatile and flexible detection and identification systems.

Kelvin Hughes' radar and electro optical security and surveillance camera solutions can significantly extend an envelope of detection, whether on a perimeter, fence line or deployed on a vehicle, giving operators more time to react while providing:

  • 360 degrees of detection
  • Ground, water and low level aerial surveillance
  • Integrated camera systems with flexible and interchangeable payloads
  • Resilient radar performance in bad weather (far superior to higher frequency radar systems)
  • Long life, high reliability, no maintenance
  • No spares requirement
  • Early detection capability using integrated radars and cameras in conjunction with command and control systems.

For security and surveillance applications Kelvin Hughes SharpEye™ solid state radar is available as SharpEye™ SxV, a fully integrated X-Band radome package for deployable and mobile mast mounted or vehicle mounted applications. SharpEye™ Long Range is a solid state high performance X-Band radar designed for easy installation and is available on a choice of platforms, with either a fixed or telescopic mast system or installed on a fixed structure.

Using the radar and (when in visual range) a combination of electro-optical camera technology, the flexibility of Kelvin Hughes SharpEye™ security and surveillance radars and sensors provides an early warning capability, allowing time to formulate a response. The operator can observe a situation, maintain tracking of all threats and through the Kelvin Hughes CxEye™ display and interface software continually manage and update the situational picture. CxEye™ also provides track data and video output in formats suitable for transmission and a series of communication modes.

SharpEye™ SxV mobile surveillance and Long Range Surveillance radars are being deployed as the primary detection sensor for border security and surveillance applications, addressing national border security threats such as detection of illegal immigrants, smugglers, terrorism, narcotics smuggling, border incursions and illegal flying of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and drones.

Kelvin Hughes is also deploying radar systems for wildlife and game reserve security and protection, as mobile vehicle mounted surveillance systems and supplying radar systems for use in the battlefield and for the control of military and security forces' UAVs and drones.

The advantage of a highly capable radar sensor for security and surveillance applications such as border protection, perimeter security, base protection, airport, oil and gas and other critical infrastructure sites including harbours and ports, is that it provides early warning and time to develop a response to a threat whilst reducing some of the need for solid barriers and wire fences and other formal security controls.