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Kelvin Hughes and Chess Dynamics announce product development partnership at DSEi

Kelvin Hughes and Chess Dynamics have partnered to develop an innovative radar and optics technology solution.

The BOXER OWL combines Kelvin Hughes SharpEye™ radar technology with Chess Dynamics' directional day/night OWL camera to produce a system to meet specific requirements of defence, para-military and security users.

The integrated BOXER OWL ground surveillance system offers superior performance, is low cost, low power, lightweight and offers ultra-high reliability. The fusion of radar and electro-optical sensors and stabilised directional platforms ensures users have the best possible real time situational awareness, whilst being fully portable with the option of being statically mounted.

The collaboration enables the Kelvin Hughes radar to track targets long range and cue and slew the Chess Dynamics day/night camera system via their stabilised director in order to zoom in on the target or threat. The BOXER OWL system is suitable for all weather missions, capable of detecting and tracking the smallest of targets in ground clutter.

The radar is a fully coherent solid state SharpEye™ transceiver integrated in to a flat panel phased array providing 120 degree coverage (360 degrees if rotated). The OWL electro-optical director is an integrated camera head assembly featuring an uncooled high-reliability thermal imager and colour TV camera.

The fusion of these sensors enables the passing of tracks between sensors as required, whilst providing seamless integration to the operator. The system provides long or short range detection and tracking, identification and classification of radar targets to the electro-optical director. A key feature is the Identification of tracked targets by E/O sights whilst maintaining long range all round surveillance with the radar.

Barry Wade, managing director Kelvin Hughes Surveillance Systems, said:
"X-Band short and long range radar sensing combined with high resolution highly stable optical directors is a new and unique solution to the on land surveillance market."

"SharpEye™'s architecture is such that pairing can be done easily without a loss in functionality. The BOXER OWL system is also affordable and fully portable. As a combined package it is the most potent detection system available."

Chess Dynamics is a first class provider of stabilised platform and optics offering systems such as OWL and Spyder that can detect, recognise and identify targets automatically. Graham Beall, managing director Chess Dynamics, said:
"Our sensors are extremely complimentary providing operators with long or short range detection and tracking, identification and classification whilst maintaining a truly all round situational awareness."

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