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Expanded product range at SMM

Kelvin Hughes is launching and demonstrating a host of new products and services at SMM 2014, including a port security radar system, specialist mission radome radar and displays, Voyage Data Recorders and the latest version of ChartCo PassageManager™ software.

SMM 2014, being held in Hamburg, Germany from September 9th to 12th, is the leading international platform and forum for the maritime industry.

  • New - Port security radar and integrated electro-optic camera system known as the SMS (Single Mast Solution) with touch screen display and interface software
  • New – World’s first solid state, pulse Doppler radome radar for specialist missions, providing small watercraft with capital ship radar capability
  • New – X-VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) system which meets the latest MSC (Maritime Safety Committee) standards for 2014
  • New – Annual maintenance check service of X and S Band magnetron RADAR equipment
  • New – PassageManager™ version 5.1 (and planned introduction of 5.2) passage planning and chart management software platform
  • Market leading navigation radar system with MantaDigital™ multifunction workstations and SharpEye™ solid state radar
  • Co-exhibiting with Lammers Schiffselektronik GmbH who represent Kelvin Hughes in Germany for radar and navigation equipment sales and service.

This is by far the biggest and broadest set of new products and offerings that Kelvin Hughes has ever brought to SMM.

The Port Security system called the SMS incorporates the new lightweight version of the SharpEye™ X-Band Pulse Doppler radar, SharpEye™ SxV, and is intended for multiple applications in areas of ports and harbours that would benefit from autonomous 360 degree surveillance, day or night and in all weather conditions. Integrated with day/night and thermal cameras, the system is mast-mounted and quickly deployable and works with Kelvin Hughes’ control software, CxEye™, which provides a touchscreen or PC radar and camera display incorporating a ‘detect, recognise, identify and classify’ methodology.

SharpEye™ SCV (standing for Small Craft Variant) is the world’s first solid state, pulse Doppler, radome enclosed, completely self-contained radar. Offering all the benefits and features of the larger SharpEye™ solid state radars from Kelvin Hughes but in a smaller lightweight package, the SCV is designed for use on RHIBS and small boats up to approximately 35m, particularly where there is a specialist requirement for small target detection and earlier detection of contacts at greater range.

Unlike leisure boat radomes and radars which can be limited in their situational awareness capability, the SCV features clutter (such as rain and waves) suppression without the loss of radar picture as well as extremely high reliability as a result of having no magnetron. It can operate effectively in severe conditions and identify fast moving and very small targets, even including jet skis.

Kelvin Hughes will also be providing information about a new VDR system called X-VDR; a new service providing annual maintenance checks of X and S Band magnetron radar equipment; and new features in its ChartCo division’s market leading software, PassageManager™.

In addition, ChartCo division will be exhibiting its full range of products and services, from the supply of paper charts and publications to Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) and digital products and maritime data delivery services.

Kelvin Hughes Sales and Marketing Director, Spike Hughes, commented:
“SMM remains an important platform for Kelvin Hughes in the maritime market where, as we evolve our market leading products and core technologies such as SharpEye™, we are able to reach the widest audience in the maritime sector whether it be for navigation or port security. This year at SMM, we are announcing more initiatives and new products than ever before.”

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