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Fourth Generation ECDIS from Kelvin Hughes

Fourth-generation ECDIS from Kelvin Hughes is easy to operate and update, features built-in familiarisation and carries a three-year warranty.


Kelvin Hughes today announced the introduction of ECDIS4, its fourth generation ECDIS which is the latest member of the MantaDigital™ multifunction workstation family, allowing one display to function as an ECDIS, a radar or a conning display.

Kelvin Hughes' fourth generation ECDIS builds on the experience the company has gained since its first ECDIS received type approval in 1999. "We believe that this is the easiest ECDIS to operate and with its standard three-year warranty it offers the market the most cost-effective ECDIS solution available," said Bruce Santos, Head of Sales and Marketing at Kelvin Hughes.

"When supplied as part of an ECDISPLUS bundle – which includes chart data, updates and training – chart updating is reduced to a single mouse click."

Built-in scenarios allow operators to familiarise themselves with the system in route planning and route monitoring operational modes. The user interface is common to all modes, is very straightforward to use and simplifies crew training. ECDIS4 is also available as a software package which allows full operation of the MantaDigital™ system in all its modes, and can be run on any suitable laptop computer for training or product familiarisation.

ECDIS4 is also the latest member of the MantaDigital™ multifunction workstation family, allowing one display to function as an ECDIS, a radar or a conning display at the touch of a button. "Multifunctionality is the key to the MantaDigital™ product range and, where administrations allow, this will reduce the number of displays that are needed on the bridge to meet the carriage requirements, as any display can provide ECDIS backup functionality," Mr Santos said.

Dr Steve Tucker, Kelvin Hughes' Product Development Manager, said:
"ECDIS4 is the culmination of over 20 man-years of development and testing. We have ensured the highest functional and operational quality for ECDIS4 through 20,000 hours of thorough, hands-on operational testing at sea, responding to feedback from the bridge teams on-board."

MantaDigital™ ECDIS4 is available with desk, pedestal, flush and bridge wing mounting options and 20in and 26in screen sizes, making it the perfect solution for all vessel types and sizes. Latest features include the ability to show other manufacturers’ radar as an overlay and a full screen chart mode together with sophisticated facilities to manage chart data and updates.

"Just fitting ECDIS equipment on its own is not a solution to the IMO ECDIS mandation requirements," Mr Santos added. "There are also significant steps that ship operators need to take to implement an appropriate infrastructure for ECDIS on their vessels to ensure compliance."

"Kelvin Hughes is the only company that can provide a one-stop-shop solution that includes equipment, paper and electronic chart data, chart management and update, training, global installation and support. Our service is totally flexible and will meet the requirements of ship owners and operators both for paperless operations and for paper charts migrating to ECDIS with a paper back-up."

"An important part of Kelvin Hughes’ package is advice on the data to be used in the ECDIS. The costs of buying data from different sources is dependent on the vessel's operating area; this makes advice on the choice essential if a cost effective solution is to be achieved."

As part of ECDISPLUS, Kelvin Hughes' Outfit Management Service (OMS) combines initial supply of data with ongoing monitoring of vessel movements and changes to ENC coverage to ensure that chart data is always up-to-date and safe. It also ensures operators and owners are invoiced purely for what their vessels need – and no more.

Kelvin Hughes’ data update service, ChartCo, manages chart changes and updates and ensures they are Port State Authority compliant. It transmits updates to ships via email, the internet or broadcast bulletins and also provides weather forecasting and other services for vessels at sea.

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