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Navigate the ECDIS revolution

World-leader in navigational data and systems Kelvin Hughes today used SMM 2010 as a backdrop for the launch of a revolutionary new ECDIS service: ECDISPLUS.

ECDISPLUS has been developed by navigation specialists to provide one solid solution to the confusion surrounding ECDIS and enables customers to put together a bespoke package with the added benefit of world-class support, training and expertise. ECDISPLUS is entirely flexible and meets the requirements of shipowners and operators both for paperless operations and for those operating with paper charts and migrating to ECDIS with a paper back-up.

At the launch of ECDISPLUS, Kelvin Hughes’ own navigational data specialists revealed the full ECDISPLUS package, which includes ECDIS hardware supply and installation, initial official ENC chart data supply, chart licence management and ChartCo updates.

They also revealed the power behind the new service: the ability to enable each customer to tailor ECDISPLUS to their individual vessel or fleet requirements – from the supply of world-class ECDIS hardware through to the complete ECDIS data package including ENCs and voyage management software.

As part of ECDISPLUS, Kelvin Hughes’ new Outfit Management Service (OMS) combines the initial supply of data with the ongoing monitoring of vessel movements and changes to ENC coverage. Using ECDISPLUS and OMS, shipowners can be sure that their chart data is always up-to-date and that they are operating safely. Efficiency of the service is guaranteed, with operators and owners being supplied with only the charts and data that their vessel requires to operate.

As the industry moves towards the start of the ECDIS Mandate in 2012, ECDIS Training is an ever-present issue. ECDISPLUS enables customers to take advantage of IMO-approved training courses available worldwide with an emphasis on practical, hands-on training and the ability to fit training around individual crew schedules.

As with all Kelvin Hughes products, ECDISPLUS allows customers to take advantage of extensive purchase and after-sales support services from Kelvin Hughes’ global network of navigational specialists.

Speaking before the SMM launch, Kelvin Hughes CEO Russell Gould said:
“Kelvin Hughes fully supports the IMO in the move towards mandatory ECDIS, and we’re pleased to be able to launch ECDISPLUS at such an important industry event”.

“Through ECDISPLUS , Kelvin Hughes can provide every component needed to make ECDIS easy and compliant and help customers make the journey from paper to electronic navigation. Kelvin Hughes’ ECDISPLUS provides a single-point solution; one that we are confident will change the infrastructure for navigational data and how it is used”.

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