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Enhanced Target Detection for Radar

Kelvin Hughes has recently launched "Enhanced Target Detection" (ETD) as an enhancement to its MantaDigital™ range of wide-screen radars. This new facility significantly enhances the display of slow-moving or stationary targets without interfering with the normal radar appearance or operation.

ETD, the latest innovation in the MantaDigital™ range provided by Kelvin Hughes, treats stationary and moving returns differently, highlighting the moving ones by displaying them in a different colour. We are harnessing modern signal and image processing techniques to give the navigator better information, employing the latest technology in our MantaDigital™ range has enabled this functionality to be realised says Spike Hughes, Director of Sales and Marketing at Kelvin Hughes.

ETD combined with the dual PPI mode provided by MantaDigital™ enables the operator to continue using the radar in the normal way with the addition of a simultaneous advanced detection view available on the secondary PPI without cluttering the main display.

We originally developed the mode for detecting ice but have found it is equally useful for detecting small targets, such as buoys, which might otherwise have only be seen intermittently or not at all. says Mr Hughes. We have also found that navigators appreciate the clarity provided by removing unwanted clutter and by painting moving targets in a different colour. The overall effect on the screen is almost a 3D or embossed view of details such as waves, vessel wakes and coastlines while still maintaining an exceptionally clear picture.

Controls are provided to enable the operator to change the weightings between fixed and moving targets to achieve the best possible picture in varying conditions.

The ETD mode is available as a software upgrade to the standard MantaDigital™ Radar or Chart Radar products. No additional hardware is required. Customer response to the ETD mode has been very encouraging, says Mr Hughes. One customer, a barge operator on the Rhine, was amazed that he could even spot dogs running on the river banks!

ETD is available as an option on the complete range of MantaDigital™ radar products and can easily be retrofitted to equipment already installed.

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