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Floating “Yacht Hotel” Navigates Safely Home Thanks to Kelvin Hughes

Kelvin Hughes Ltd., a world leader in the design and supply of premier navigation systems, has been contracted by the Finnish company Sunborn International to supply a new Integrated Bridge System (IBS) onboard the unique “floating” Barcelona Yacht Hotel. The new hotel will take advantage of Kelvin Hughes’ MantaDigital™ Widescreen Display Bridge System as it makes its first and only journey from Malaysia, where it is being assembled, to Barcelona Spain.

MantaDigital™ provides widescreen bridge operation with screen sizes of 20" and 26". It is available in pedestal, console and desktop mountings with a range of control options. According to Kelvin Hughes’ Business Development Manager, John Davis, Sunborn first contacted us in 2007 in order to discuss the installation of our integrated bridge solution system. They asked us to help create a tailored bridge environment, which uses nothing but the best, top-of-the-line equipment.

Flemming Haase, Kelvin Hughes Regional Sales Manager who is working on the project, added, We were chosen precisely because of the high quality range of equipment we can provide. This system is a sophisticated product with multiple features and a widescreen display, which no other manufacturer has at the moment. The widescreen solution makes this one of the safest navigational products on the market

Kelvin Hughes is professionally coordinating the installation of what Haase refers to as a sophisticated and highly technical advanced project from its head office in the UK, while the Denmark office has taken on the responsibility for securing the commercial and technical negotiations. In what has become a truly global-scale project, Kelvin Hughes’ office in Singapore will oversee the physical installation, testing and in-use operation of the unit. Kelvin Hughes expected to complete their portion of the project in August, prior to the Yacht Hotel’s maiden voyage this autumn.

The Barcelona Yacht Hotel, a novel-floating hotel, is specifically designed for hotel operations and has been built for the requirements of its final marina destination. The Yacht Hotel, which features 180 luxury rooms, will be moored beside Barcelona’s spectacular photovoltaic pergola and is expected to further enhance the maritime and urban landscape of the area. The vessel will be facing the new marina with private yachts.

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