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Kelvin Hughes celebrates 60 years of marine radar

Another major milestone in the history of Kelvin Hughes Ltd, part of the Speciality Group of Smiths PLC, will be marked in July 2007 when the company celebrates the sixtieth anniversary of the installation on board ship of its first marine radar.

The original radar installation date of July 1947 was only two years after the end of World War 2 during which numerous major advances in radar technology took place, and yet was a time of austerity in many areas of manufacturing industry.

The technological advances made during the war years have been overshadowed by the pace of modern technology but are nevertheless most important as they formed the foundations on which today’s highly sophisticated, reliable radars have been built. Over the past 60 years, Kelvin Hughes has been a leader in introducing new technology to the marine industry, and numbers many ‘firsts’ in its radar achievements.

For example, in the mid 1960s its Situation Display was introduced which was the first radar display that could be viewed in full daylight by several people simultaneously, and without the need for a hood The latest radar development, SharpEye™, is probably the most advance in the last 60 years. It will replace the expensive Magnetron which requires high voltages and regular maintenance. This combined with the innovative multifunctional MantaDigital™ widescreen displays will take navigation into a new age.

The above developments, and many other landmarks in the radar history of Kelvin Hughes, whose origins go back many years before its radar achievements, give just cause for marking the occasion in 2007 in a suitably celebratory manner.

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