Kelvin Hughes


Prime Minister welcomed at Kelvin Hughes Head Office in Enfield

Kelvin Hughes, last Thursday welcomed the Prime Minister, Theresa May, to its Enfield Head Office, design and manufacturing facility.

During an election campaign visit in North London, the Prime Minister was accompanied on a full tour of the Kelvin Hughes facility with the Senior Management Team where she was able to see stealth design pulse Doppler radars in the final stages of assembly.

Theresa May with Matthew O'Sullivan

The Prime Minister discussed the latest naval navigation radar technology and the production capabilities of the Company with Manufacturing, Manager Matthew O’Sullivan, and also received a short demonstration of the drone detection system, SMS-D.

Theresa May with Jonathan Field

The Prime Minister was also briefed on some significant export opportunities and the capabilities of the radar to see small targets, such as submarine periscopes, at longer ranges than conventional radars and the ability of the systems to enhance border security, both on land and at sea.

Theresa May with Chris Easteal

The market innovator for radar sensors and systems, Kelvin Hughes has an enviable history and an unprecedented list of technology firsts - from the first type approved radar in 1947 to the world’s first commercially available multi-purpose solid state radar. This year Kelvin Hughes is celebrating 70 years of type approved maritime radar.

The Kelvin Hughes SharpEye™ radar is sold into a diverse range of international markets and applications from naval and commercial maritime navigation, port Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), coastal surveillance to ground surveillance, drone detection and marine security applications.

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