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ECDIS requirements have changed

You may need to upgrade your Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital™ ECDIS.

This article aims to guide ECDIS owners through the changes to the ECDIS regulations and how the changes might affect owners of Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital™ ECDIS. Below you will find helpful information on understanding how the changes to ECDIS regulations relate to your ECDIS equipment, software and ENCs.

If you are operating a non-Kelvin Hughes ECDIS and are considering switching as part of your upgrade process the Take Action tab below can help you decide on the best approach to staying compliant.

ECDIS screen

The changes may require the ECDIS on-board to be upgraded with a new solid state hard drive (SSD) as well as software to enable the changes designed by the International Hydrographic Office (IHO) and also the International Electrotechanical Commission (IEC) to be implemented. These changes which are mandatory are designed to improve the use of ECDIS and bring benefits to the mariner. Please select The Regulation tab below for more information.

Action required

By the 31st August 2017 your ECDIS must meet the new standards which are explained in more detail below. Please follow the links below to request a review of your equipment and to invite Kelvin Hughes to help you complete your upgrade as cost effectively, quickly and as easily as possible.

Upgrading your Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital™ ECDIS

Kelvin Hughes will tailor your upgrade requirements based on the information you provide in the upgrade review form which is available as a PDF or as an online form. This will determine if a new SDD is required and take account of installation requirements for each vessel concerned. It will also determine the best method of completing the upgrade. A dedicated Kelvin Hughes service manager will then manage your upgrade from start to finish.

If you have a Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital™ ECDIS you can check the standards to which your current ECDIS complies by reading the information on the Standby screen. If the software version reads ZM-2144 Version 3, no update is required. However, if it reads as a version number value less than 3 an upgrade will need to be performed. To start the process please click a choice from the Actions You Can Take Now heading below or complete an online form.

ECDIS MantaDigital Standby

Switching to a new Kelvin Hughes ECDIS

Kelvin Hughes’ latest generation of navigation displays and ECDIS feature an integrated SDD, processor and an LED widescreen panel display bringing ease of installation, flexibility and maintenance options. By updating to the new Kelvin Hughes ECDIS you will meet the new standards and take advantage of the latest display technology.

Further information on the new Kelvin Hughes ECDIS. To request a quote, please contact us.

Action you can take now

The IEC and IHO Regulation Changes

Having to upgrade hardware and software as part of this change is not an unusual requirement as most suppliers of ECDIS equipment may have to consider hardware upgrades as part of the upgrade process, however the process and specific equipment may vary from manufacturer-to-manufacturer.

The IEC and the IHO have published new versions of some of their ECDIS Standards which went into force in August 2015. From this date, the new editions of the IHO Standards became the normative references within the new IEC ECDIS testing specification IEC 61174 Ed. 4.0 for the type approval of ECDIS.

Specifically the IHO ECDIS presentation library edition 4 (IHO Standard S-52 should refer to Ed. 6.1and the Annex A Presentation Library should refer to Ed. 4.0) is required to be installed on all ECDIS in use. However, the previous edition will remain valid until 31 August 2017. This is being referred to as a transition period to provide time for the ECDIS manufacturers and the national authorities to move towards type approval of new ECDIS based on the new Standards.

To determine if you need to upgrade your Kelvin Hughes ECDIS equipment please click the Take Action tab.

Benefits of the new ECDIS regulations

The new IHO editions combine to provide IEC 61174 Edition 4 and bring the following improvements to ECDIS:

  • Consistent use of symbols and abbreviations
  • Alarm categorisation
  • Alarm visualisation
  • Reduction in the number of audible alerts generated by ENC objects (reducing alarm fatigue)
  • Default control settings
  • Route exchange format (The route exchange format is a file - RTZ - containing an XML coded version of the route plan)

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