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Kelvin Hughes sponsors MSCS conference

Kelvin Hughes is delighted to be sponsoring the 13th annual Maritime Security & Coastal Surveillance conference which is being held on the 29th and 30th November in Singapore.

With a focus on the issues affecting the entire Asia Pacific region, the conference will cover the enhancement of maritime security operations through multilateral cooperation; border protection against maritime threats; methodologies for achieving maritime domain awareness; SAR and humanitarian missions.

For Kelvin Hughes, the conference offers an excellent opportunity to further heighten its already well-established international profile as a global provider of surveillance and security radar systems designed to meet the needs of government agencies responsible for the protection of the coastal and littoral zones as well as port, harbour and river traffic operators.

The company’s highly versatile range of SBS (Shore Based Sensors) radar systems includes the SBS-700 as well as the SBS-800 and SBS-900 both of which feature Kelvin Hughes’ SharpEye™, the world’s first affordable, high grade, solid-state radar sensor which outperforms other sensor technologies – particularly in severe weather conditions and high sea states. With hundreds of commissioned SBS systems currently protecting ports, coastlines, offshore oil and gas platforms and FPSOs across the world, the operational and cost benefits that Kelvin Hughes can deliver are already well-proven.

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