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Meet the Kelvin Hughes team at African Ports Evolution

Now in its fifth year, African Ports Evolution is Africa's biggest maritime summit and expo, fostering interaction between governments and the private sector in order to enhance intra-African and cross-border trade through hinterland connectivity and trade corridors.

African Ports Evolution 2016

90% of all trade in Africa is done via its ports and this has resulted in major ongoing developments and investments in ports across the continent, including Durban, Accra and Mombasa.

A team from Kelvin Hughes will be at the event which is being held at the Durban International Convention Centre in South Africa on the 18th and 19th October. With a long record of experience in the field, Kelvin Hughes will be taking the opportunity to promote its wide range of radar-based security and surveillance systems for the protection of ports and harbours.

The core of Kelvin Hughes’ radar and detection capabilities for Africa’s Ports is the SBS range or Shore Based Sensors with the SBS-800 and SBS-900 series’ featuring the highly sensitive SharpEye™ transceiver technology. The SBS product family is completed with SBS-700 series.

The SBS (Shore Based Sensor) radar range is specifically designed to meet the requirements of a Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) or coastal surveillance system as defined in IALA recommendation V-128.

For port side perimeter security the company’s patented, solid-state SharpEye™ technology, the SxV radar, when deployed on a Kelvin Hughes Single Mast Solution (SMS) combining electro-optic slew to cue cameras, provides 360˚surveillance of critical port or harbour perimeters, inlets, keys and docking areas. Further, a complete single or multi-node situational awareness capability can be delivered to the operator through the Detect, Recognise, Identify and Classify methodology used by CxEye™, Kelvin Hughes’ own control and interface software.

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