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Promoting our radars at Maritime Warfare Asia

Kelvin Hughes will be exhibiting its wide range of navigation, security and surveillance radar systems at Maritime Warfare Asia 2016 which is being held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 5th and 6th October.

Maritime Warfare Asia 2016

Senior officers from both regional and international navies will be attending this international exhibition which is designed to give leading manufacturers a platform for showcasing their current and future technologies for naval aviation, surface and sub-surface operations.

This is an important potential market for Kelvin Hughes. It has been estimated that across the Asia Pacific region, through which over a third of global trade passes each year, some $200 billion is likely to be spent on new ships, submarines and naval defence systems, including radar. At Maritime Warfare Asia, the company will be demonstrating its SharpEye™ solid-state radar technology which is currently deployed by more than 25 of the world’s navies.

Available in X-Band (I-Band) or S-Band (E/F-Band), SharpEye™ transmits a low power, patented pulse sequence enabling short, medium and long range radar returns to be detected simultaneously. Doppler processing of the radar returns provides a complete situational awareness picture and ensures the detection of very small and slow moving objects. Through a series of electronic filters, SharpEye™ is able to distinguish between targets of interest and clutter caused by adverse weather conditions. In addition, customisable waveforms can be configured for specific threats and to track specific targets such as UAVs, drones and helicopters.

As the Kelvin Hughes team will be promoting at Maritime Warfare Asia, there are SharpEye™ systems designed specifically for capital ships, submarines, fast attack craft, RHIBs, patrol vessels and unmanned surface vessels as well as helicopter control.

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