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International Offshore Patrol Vessels conference

Kelvin Hughes will be one of the featured exhibitors at this year’s International Offshore Patrol Vessels conference which is being held from the 14th to 16th September at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

Offshore Patrol Vessels International 2016

Now in its 11th year, this thoroughly established annual event brings together senior naval officers and coast guard chiefs from around the world - the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and North America - to discuss with each other and industry leaders the challenges of maritime policing: from migration and SAR, to fishery protection and EEZ patrol, from piracy to pollution monitoring. A forum for assessing the latest platforms and auxiliary technologies, delegates are able to gain a clear understanding of the best path to balancing capability and affordability in order to deliver optimum mission effectiveness.

For Kelvin Hughes, the event offers an excellent opportunity to promote its solid-state SharpEye™ radar technology. Using pulse correlation and Doppler processing to filter out clutter whilst retaining the desired radar contacts, SharpEye™ transceivers have been specifically designed to detect targets earlier and at longer ranges even in the most adverse weather conditions.

One of the highlights of the event, of particular significance for Kelvin Hughes, is the opportunity for delegates to take a conducted tour of HMS Forth, one of the River class vessels which has a SharpEye™ radar system installed.

The company was contracted last year to supply SharpEye™ for three of the Royal Navy’s new River class Offshore Patrol Vessels, including HMS Forth, which will be used for counter terrorism, counter piracy and anti-smuggling operations. When they enter service, each of the vessels will be equipped with a SharpEye™ I-Band radar supporting both helicopter control and navigation together with an E/F Band radar for navigation and collision avoidance. In addition, both radar will be accessed and controlled by Kelvin Hughes’ MantaDigital™ Tactical ARPA displays.

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