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Kelvin Hughes radars on first-ever luxury cruise ship to sail through the Northwest Passage

On August 16, the award-winning luxury cruise ship Crystal Serenity departed on her 32-day voyage through the legendary Northwest Passage: a journey that follows in the footsteps of world-renowned explorers including Captain James Cook, William Bligh, Roald Amundsen – and of course the man who first discovered the passage in 1860, Sir Robert McClure.

The trip – which ends in New York – will be the first time a large luxury cruise ship has crossed the Arctic region that was unattainable until just 100 years ago. During the voyage of Northwest Territories, the ultra-luxury ship will be accompanied by the RRS Ernest Shackleton, a powerful and high ice classed vessel with a crew that has years of experience operating in polar conditions.

In preparation for this historic voyage, both vessels were equipped with Kelvin Hughes navigation radar and bridge equipment. The MantaDigital™ radar display is the bridge equipment installed on the Crystal Serenity along with the SharpEye™ S Band radar transmitter/receiver and an X-Band magnetron radar. The X-Band radar combined with the Enhanced Target Detection mode within the MantaDigital™ radar display provides an unique, almost 3D picture of the sea surface highlighting ice and anything else significantly and present on the sea surface.

Radar picture generated from S-Band transceiver

This technology is not typically found on cruise ships and represents the highest preventive measures to detect any unforeseen anomalies along the ship’s path.

Mark Bown Marketing Manager at Kelvin Hughes said:
“This is an important feature for the navigator and a very useful tool for improving safety.”

Following more than three years of planning and preparation, Crystal’s award-winning vessel welcomed nearly one thousand intrepid guests aboard in Seward, Alaska, embarking on what promises to be an experience punctuated with rare wildlife encounters; insightful visits to remote communities; rugged treks on land and icy waters; and immersive onboard enrichment from some of the world’s top expedition experts.

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