Kelvin Hughes


Offshore West Africa 2016

Kelvin Hughes will be exhibiting at the 20th anniversary Offshore West Africa which is being held in Lagos, Nigeria from the 26th to 28th January.

20th Anniversary of Offshore West Africa

Offshore West Africa, presented by Offshore Magazine and supported by Oil & Gas Journal, is the only conference and exhibition dedicated to the offshore oil & gas industry in the region and will showcase the most innovative technologies and ground-breaking solutions within the deepwater exploration and production industry through a high quality conference and major exhibition of services and equipment.

The event represents an excellent opportunity for Kelvin Hughes to promote the many benefits of our SBS coastal surveillance, security and VTS range of SharpEye™ radar systems which are particularly well-suited to offshore oil and gas installations.

SharpEye™ technology uses advanced pulse compression and Doppler processing to filter out sea and rain clutter and detect targets which other radar miss. Meeting all the recommendations of the IALA for target detection, performance and availability, the SharpEye™ solid-state transceiver is an upmast unit thereby reducing the considerable signal loss normally found with downmast systems. It also offers much higher reliability, removing the need for the frequent and routine maintenance associated with magnetron radar.

In addition, since the highest voltage within a SharpEye™ system is 32v compared to magnetron devices producing in excess of 30,000v. Also there is no need to for cooling systems and therefore no need for air conditioned enclosures upmast or downmast. A further advantage of an upmast transceiver is the ability to transfer the radar data downmast via a fibre optic cable rather than a waveguide which is much more difficult to install and maintain.

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