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SharpEye™'s growing demand in North America

Kelvin Hughes is seeing a growing demand for its latest SharpEye™ radar systems from the United States and Canada.

SharpEye Radar Montage

The Company has sold over 160 SharpEye™ radars through its North American channels for both local use and for re-export.

Recently awarded IMO Type Approval, the naval variant comprises the latest Kelvin Hughes SharpEye™ GaN radar transceiver and antenna, as well as the world’s first carbon composite upmast housing.

SharpEye™ transmits a coherent and relatively low power, patented pulse sequence. The use of coherent transmissions enables Doppler processing on the returns to provide an additional dimension for analysis. This in turn enables the detection of very small targets that would be invisible to traditional Navigation radars, especially in heavy clutter conditions. Furthermore, the transmitted waveforms can be adapted to enhance returns from specific threats or targets. For example, one popular variant is used for Helicopter control and negates the need for helicopters to be fitted with a transponder, even when flying over land.

The use of the latest GaN transistors in SharpEye™ has further improved detection performance by increasing peak power over earlier variants by about 50%.

With an upmast transceiver, there is no waveguide to compromise citadel integrity and signal loss is reduced. Moreover, the absence of a magnetron in the transceiver removes the requirement for routine maintenance. With a Mean Time Between Failure for the transceiver in excess of 17 years and a much simplified repair process, the level of maintainer training required is reduced significantly.

Adrian Pilbeam, Vice President of Kelvin Hughes LLC, commented:
“The benefits of upmast radar systems – superior detection performance and versatility, extremely high reliability and low through life costs – are only possible with the kind of advanced radar technology that Kelvin Hughes has such a long record of developing. It’s this combination of our superior technology and our track record of meeting customers’ needs that explains the growing demand we are seeing in North America”

Russell Gould, Kelvin Hughes’ Chief Executive, added:
“We’re delighted by the success we are having in the US and in Canada. The North American market is very important to our business and offers opportunities for further expansion from our Washington office.”

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