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New Port Security Radar and Camera System

Kelvin Hughes will be displaying its new combined camera and radar Single Mast Solution (SMS) at SMM 2014 in Hamburg from September 9th to 12th. The company will also be demonstrating the associated CxEye™ display software which provides intuitive command and control for the system.

Responding to the market need for a rapidly deployable, all-weather, port and harbour security radar and multi-optioned electro-optical system, Kelvin Hughes has utilised its SharpEye™ X-Band solid state surveillance radar technology to develop the Single Mast Solution.

Equipped with a simple mounting interface, the SMS can be securely attached to any mast system – whether portable, vehicle-mounted or on a fixed structure. Fitted with the SharpEye™ SxV radar and integrated with a wide range of electro-optical sensors, the SMS can suit many operational requirements. Additional mounted options include thermal imaging cameras, long range and/or low-light optical sensors and even searchlight or loud hailing systems.

Featuring a through-shaft unit, the SMS provides a 360° pan and tilt capability with no blind arcs, enabling sensors/cameras to be mounted either side of the mechanism with the SharpEye™ SxV radar mounted directly above. The radar is elevated above the cameras and is free from interference from any supporting structure; it is therefore in the optimum position to provide all-round coverage.

The SharpEye™ SxV radar will provide long and short range threat detection, intruder alert and tracking of small boats, including dinghies, vehicles and people within areas of a port or harbour both ashore and on the water.

SharpEye™ SxV is a lightweight version of the X-Band Long Range SharpEye™ radar. The excellent detection performance is derived from solid state (i.e. no magnetron) transceiver technology, providing users with an unrivalled, lightweight (circa 18kg), radar capability that can detect small, slow moving targets in adverse weather conditions.

When the SharpEye™ SxV, as part of the SMS, is deployed with Kelvin Hughes’ CxEye™ control and integration software, the user is able to gain full situational awareness by displaying radar and camera images on a laptop or touchscreen device. Designed for ease of use, CxEye™ geo-references radar tracks on a selection of mapping tools and combines tracking and track fusion from multiple sensors in a single touchscreen display, with fast ‘slew to cue’ functionality. Situational awareness is built up using a ‘detect, recognise, identify and classify’ methodology.

Jonathan Field, Director Security Sensors and Systems at Kelvin Hughes, commented:
“With their superior technology, the SharpEye™ SxV radar and CxEye™ software are a great combination. When deployed using the Single Mast Solution, they offer customers an unrivalled ability to deploy a state-of-the-art surveillance suite rapidly and cost-effectively. We’re very much looking forward to demonstrating the benefits that the SMS can provide at SMM in Hamburg.”

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