Kelvin Hughes


Kelvin Hughes exhibits in Africa

Kelvin Hughes exhibited recently at Land Forces East Africa 2014 and at the co-located show, Maritime & Coastal Security Africa 2014, both of which were held in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania from 14th to 16th July.

With more than 300 regional defence and military experts attending to discuss the security challenges facing the region, the exhibitions offered an excellent opportunity for us to present our full range of solid state SharpEye™ surveillance radar products:

  • the Naval SharpEye™ radar for situational awareness and navigation
  • the SBS family of SharpEye™ radar for coastal surveillance solutions
  • the SCV small boat advanced solid state radar for specialist and covert missions
  • the SxV portable or fixed radar for border and critical infrastructure security
  • the SMS (Single Mast Solution) combining SxV radar with camera systems integrated with the CxEye™ command and control software.

A high level of interest was shown in all of the land, coastal and offshore applications of our SharpEye™ technologies amongst an audience that included not only members of the Tanzania People’s Defence Force but also representatives and guest speakers from a number of other countries in the region, including South Africa, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Sierra Leone and Uganda.

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