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Interview with Counter Terrorism Expo Speaker

Rupert Swinhoe-Standen is the Regional Sales Manager for Kelvin Hughes Security Systems.

Following 17 years British Army experience culminating in command in the Royal Artillery, Rupert has over 12 years defence industry experience.

He has extensive experience of the LAND, STA and C4I environment, having worked as “practitioner” in both peace and war, as a MOD staff officer and as a commander of specialist troops.

Rupert has international defence sales, marketing and business development experience. He has recently joined the Kelvin Hughes Security business, focusing on radar surveillance and security solutions.

Rupert is talking on Protecting the Force, Border, Infrastructure and Perimeter, using advanced surveillance technology.

Q: What is your involvement with the Counter Terrorism and Security markets?

A: Kelvin Hughes specialises in radar based surveillance and security systems.
Radar detection cues other sensors to recognise and identify potential threats, allowing the local commander to respond in an appropriate and timely fashion.
Forewarned is forearmed.

Q: What are you speaking about?

A: Presentation and demonstration of the brand new Single Mast Solution integrating SharpEye™ SxV Mobile Lightweight Security and Surveillance radar & CxEye™ control and integration software and how it might be used to protect forces, borders and perimeters including critical national infrastructure.

Q: What are the key points of your speech?

A: Radar provides a cost effective and reliable means of detection and recognition and when coupled with other electro-optical identification it leads the field in secure solutions.

Q: What one thing would you want your audience to take away from your speech?

A: Seeing is believing. Please come and see us on stand K-35 for further detail and a personal demonstration.

Q: Who should attend your presentation?

A: Anyone interested in:

  • Situational awareness
  • Location monitoring and tracking systems
  • Border protection
  • Critical civil infrastructure security
  • Surveillance equipment for armoured or patrol vehicles
  • Perimeter security and intrusion detection
  • Maritime security
  • CCTV/Electro Optics and surveillance equipment
  • Radar as a covert surveillance tool
  • Oil & Gas Off / On Shore Security
  • Special operations and police equipment

Rupert is happy to take questions or visit him at stand K35 for more in-depth discussion.

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