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Small Boat Radar

Small Boat Radar

SharpEye™ SCV is an advanced surveillance radar sensor that fills the capability gap between leisure boat marine radars and naval tactical radar systems. SharpEye™ technology is specifically designed to detect targets earlier and at longer ranges than conventional small boat radars, particularly in adverse weather conditions. The SharpEye™ solid state transceiver uses pulse correlation and Doppler processing to filter out clutter whilst retaining the desired radar contacts.

SharpEye™ SCV is the compact Small Craft Variant of the larger shipborne SharpEye™ surveillance and navigation open array system, which has already been selected by over 25 navies and coastguard forces around the world.

Whether fitted to a RHIB, a high speed interceptor or a larger Patrol Boat, the radome housed navigation and surveillance sensor is designed for specialist mission craft with weight and space constraints but which still require enhanced radar detection and tactical features.

  • Long range surveillance up to an instrumented range of 24NM
  • Superior early detection of small targets even in the harshest weather conditions
  • Pulse compression technology with Doppler processing
  • Low radar signature on ESM equipment
  • Tactical features including a high speed MARPA with rapid acquisition and tracking
  • Networked system allowing multiple displays to independently operate from one SCV transceiver
  • MIL Spec design and IP67 rating for use on small fast craft
  • Available as a complete system with a SeaCross display or as an SCV sensor only (e.g. USV use)

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SharpEye™ Solid State Pulse Doppler Radar

SharpEye™ SCV radar radome technology meets the detection challenges of navies, special forces, coastguards and border agencies through a clever combination of radar techniques designed to provide the best performance in all conditions.

Pulse Doppler Solid state radar ensures high performance, extremely high reliability and low through life costs:

  • No magnetron - minimal routine maintenance requirements
  • Increased long range detection over FMCW radars
  • Clutter free radar picture
  • Detect targets at longer ranges, earlier and in adverse weather conditions
SharpEye ScV

SharpEye™ transmits a low power patented pulse sequence, which enables short, medium and long range radar returns to be detected simultaneously, allowing the radar operator to maintain situational awareness regardless of the range scale setting of the radar display. Other users of the radar can select their own radar display range scale. A low peak transmission power reduces the probability of intercept by ESM systems.

Doppler processing of radar returns provides coherent information concerning target velocity (radial) and enable the detection of very small and slow moving objects and targets with a low Radar Cross Section (RCS) and through a series of electronic filters is able to distinguish between the targets of interest and sea, rain and land clutter.

Other differentiating technologies include Moving Target Detection (MTD), providing enhanced clutter suppression at the Doppler processing stage and pulse compression of the return signal enabling a low transmit power providing efficient use of the radar and reducing the probability of detection by ESM equipment. Other Doppler radars may employ less advanced techniques such as Moving Target Indication (MTI), which does not take full advantage of the radial velocity information.

Tactical MARPA Radar Display

Kelvin Hughes are able to supply SharpEye™ SCV with a specialist radar and MARPA processor designed for small watercraft. This unique technology combination provides the user with a range of very useful tactical features.

Surveillance and navigation features include:

  • Radar
  • Chart Radar
  • Surveillance
  • Combat
  • Interception
  • NVIS option
  • Low ESM Signature

Available as 15" or 19" XGA, is fully waterproof and shock resistant and designed to Mil-Spec standards. The tactical display can be fitted in an enclosed or open cockpit.

Please contact us for detailed information on the capabilities of SharpEye™ SCV and the specialist mission display.

  Specifications subject to change without notice.
SharpEye™ Benefits and Features
  • Advanced capability
  • Affordable
  • Low cost of ownership
Ultra-high Reliability
  • Solid state electronics
  • Graceful degradation
  • Mil-Spec design
Clutter Suppression
  • Doppler processing
  • Small target detection
Incremental Capability
  • Capability Enhancements
  • Mission Updates
  • Useful life extension
Low Power
  • High pulse compression
Continuous Health Monitor
  • Built-in self test
  • System status monitor
Open Architecture
  • Independent display options
  • Camera/sensor interface
  • Gigabit Ethernet (ASTERIX)
  • Serial I/O
  • Fibre optic
Fully Coherent
  • Patented pulse sequence
  • Doppler processing
  • Moving Target Detection (MTD)
Blanking Sectors (Option)
  • Sectorised Transmission / Processing Modes
SharpEye™ SCV Sensor Specification
Operating Frequency 9.22 - 9.38 GHz (I-Band / X-Band)
Frequency Selection 9 User selectable
Peak Power Up to 80W
Signal Processor Pulse compression
  Pulse Doppler
  Automatic clutter suppression
Moving Target Detection Up to 128 filters
Probability of False Alarm 10-4 Pfa
Instrumented Ranges Up to 24nm
Range Resolution 40m
Range Accuracy 5m RMS
Azimuth Accuracy 0.8° RMS
Power Modes High and low power modes
Horizontal <4° - 3dB
Vertical -25°
Power Supply 150W
  +19-32V DC
Reliability Up to 50,000 hrs MTBF
Dimensions Ø585mm x 312mm
Environmental IP67
-25°C TO +55°C
IEC 60945 / BS EN 62252
(EMC, Vibration, Climatic)
Weight 20kg