Kelvin Hughes

Wind Farm Safety Radar

Usually used at night aircraft warning lights for wind farms and very tall structures are systems used as collision avoidance measures making wind turbines and the like more visible to passing aircraft. With dark sky legislation and movements campaigning for reduced light pollution and dark skies, these systems require activation only when necessary, for instance when an aircraft is approaching.

In order to reliably detect small targets at greater ranges and activate the warning light system in time and at the right time to allow approaching aircraft to take collision avoidance action, a Doppler radar capable of detecting small radar contacts (e.g. a microlight) at several kilometres, providing the velocity information of the aircraft and in all weather conditions is required. SharpEye™ is the only Doppler pulse radar sensor available for this critical application.

Kelvin Hughes works with expert partners to provide SharpEye™ sensor technology into the critical application of aircraft warning lights for wind farms and wind turbines.

SharpEye™ transmits a low power patented pulse sequence, which enables short, medium and long range radar returns to be detected simultaneously.

Doppler processing of radar returns provides coherent information concerning a target's velocity (radial) and enables the detection of very small and slow moving objects and targets with a low Radar Cross Section (RCS) and through a series of electronic filters is able to distinguish between the targets of interest and sea, rain and land clutter.

Other differentiating technologies include Moving Target Detection (MTD), providing enhanced clutter suppression at the Doppler processing stage and pulse compression of the return signal enabling a low transmit power providing efficient use of the radar. Other Doppler radars may employ less advanced techniques such as Moving Target Indication (MTI), which does not take full advantage of the radial velocity information.

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