Kelvin Hughes

Navigation Radar

Navigation Radar

Since the 1940's, Kelvin Hughes has been supplying IMO type approved radar to the commercial shipping fleet, fishing boat fleet and workboats and is continually developing new products and navigation equipment to take advantage of the latest technologies in a way that brings confidence, reliability and low cost of ownership to the professional mariner and shipping operators.

Kelvin Hughes has taken navigation radar displays a significant step forward. Kelvin Hughes radar displays provide ease of integration into the bridge, modern processor design, Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) components, reduced cost of ownership while at the same time utilising the detection performance of SharpEye™.

SharpEye™ systems provide the navigator with the ultimate in functionality, safety and reliability - each radar station can be dedicated or multifunction with a single station providing radar, chart radar and Electronic Chart System (ECS), whilst providing continuous back up functionality.

The SharpEye™ radar transceiver does not contain a magnetron. Consequently, no routine maintenance, ultra-high reliability, and low cost of ownership.

Despite the low peak power - especially in poor weather conditions - the detection performance is superior to that of magnetron radars. Clutter suppression is achieved in the SharpEye™ radar transceiver itself. Clever use of a patented pulse sequence, pulse compression and radar return processing ensures that the radar operator is presented with targets and tracks on the display, whilst minimising the clutter from even the severest of rain storms and high sea states.

Meeting commercial vessels IMO type approval requirements the 12kW X-Band upmast magnetron radar features improved target resolution and beam sharpening and is the ideal navigation radar providing a cost effective radar in a simple to install lightweight package.

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Commercial Marine S-Band Series - Upmast SharpEye™ Solid State Radar

SharpEye™ S-Band radar technology meets the challenges of safety, navigation and collision avoidance at sea through a clever combination of radar techniques designed to provide the best performance in all conditions.

Solid state radar ensures extremely high reliability and low through life costs:

  • No magnetron - minimal routine maintenance requirements
  • High reliability - solid state electronics
  • Upmast transceiver solution - no waveguide - easy to retrofit - reduced signal loss
  • Clutter suppression - pulse compression
  • Continuous health monitor
SharpEye S-Band Transceiver

SharpEye™ transmits a low power patented pulse sequence, which enables short, medium and long range radar returns to be detected simultaneously, allowing the radar operator to maintain situational awareness regardless of the range scale setting of the radar display and other users of the radar can select their own radar display range scale. The detection performance of SharpEye™ with a low peak transmission power of less than 200W is equivalent to a 30kW magnetron radar.

S-Band SharpEye Turning Unit

The radar performance also increases from the transceiver being positioned upmast, thereby minimising signal loss in the waveguide as well as simplifying installation. The high reliability and lack of routine maintenance means the need to subsequently access the SharpEye™ transceiver is almost removed.

Commercial Marine X-Band Series - 12kW Upmast Radar

The 12kW X-Band Upmast Magnetron Radar features improved target resolution and beam sharpening. The commercial marine X-Band series is designed to provide cost effective type approved radar in a lightweight package meeting IMO requirements.

12KV Magnatron Radar Antenna

Increased gain and a narrow beam width of the antenna offers greater range and bearing resolution for improved performance and target separation. The compact lightweight design is easy to install with a single waterproof connector and includes an integral health monitor.

This commercial marine X-Band series is ideal for vessles requiring IMO type approved radar and also smaller boats such as workboats and fishing vessels requiring a cost effective, simple to install, lightweight and high performance navigation radar.

Key features:

  • X-Band
  • Improved performance and target separation
  • IMO type approval (IEC 62388, MSC192/79)
  • Blanking sectors
  • Low noise transceiver
  • Upmast - Integrated transceiver and turning mechanism
  • Easy to install cable and antenna

Navigation Radar Display

The latest navigation radar innovation from Kelvin Hughes is the new integrated radar display which has taken all the market leading software functionality from the previous MantaDigital™ radar series, added a few improvements and reborn in a brand new package.

The integrated radar display is designed to complete the X-Band and SharpEye™ S-Band radar transceivers series as part of a fully redundant networked system, removing the need for distribution and other interfaces.

The integrated radar display provides radar, chart radar and Electronic Chart System (ECS) in a single networkable system with a host of features supporting navigation, route planning and training.

The radar display is type approved (MSC192/79 / IEC 62388 ED2) and provides enhanced collision avoidance and situational awareness features such as dual PPI (Plan Position Indicator), collision warning, spy scope and Enhanced Target Detection (ETD) mode.

Key Features:

  • Ease of operation
  • 22” (55cm) and 26” (66cm) display option
  • LED widescreen with anti-reflective glass
  • Multiple easy mounting options (Console / desktop / deckhead / deck stand)
  • Simple interconnection (1 x Ethernet & 3 x USB)
  • Networked system
  • 5th Generation 64bit operating system
  • Dual redundant network
  • Serial radar transceiver distribution via network
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Solid state hard drive (fast recovery configuration files)
  • Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) Interface
    • Ethernet connection to Kelvin Hughes X-VDR
    • DVI connection for 3rd party VDR


Radar Display
New Integrated Radar Display developed from the market leading software functionality of the MantaDigital™ radar series and reborn in a brand new package


Keyboard and Trackpad
Integrated IEC60945 IP67 keyboard, IP68 ergonomic trackball and scroll wheel, USB 3.0 slot, LED dimmable backlighting


Radar picture generated from X-Band transceiver
Radar picture generated from a Kelvin Hughes 12kW X-Band transceiver with different range scales shown on each PPI


Radar picture generated from S-Band transceiver
Radar picture generated from a SharpEye™ S-Band transceiver with chart overlay enabled and ETD mode on the second PPI
  Specifications subject to change without notice.
System Description Display Size Transceiver Signal Processing Antenna
CMX12-22 X-Band radar system with 22" display 22" (55.0cm) 12kW magnetron - upmast N/A 1.9m (6'6")
CMX12-26 X-Band radar system with 26" display 26" (66.0cm) 12kW magnetron - upmast N/A 1.9m (6'6")
CMSSE-22 S-Band SharpEye™ radar system with 22" display 22" (55.0cm) 170W solid state - upmast

Pulse compression 660:1

3.9m (12'9")
CMSSE-26 S-Band SharpEye™ radar system with 26" display 26" (65.0cm) 170W solid state - upmast Pulse compression 660:1 3.9m (12'9")
Supplied as Standard Options
ARPA Tracker Software (see software table below)
Keyboard and trackerball 24VDC power supply
Installation kit Console desktop / deckhead mount frame or deck stand
Radar software Extra-long control cables (15m, 20m, 25m, 30m)
Single & twin radar display (PPI) Additional radar display
Chart radar trial Additional keyboard and trackerball
ETD Mode trial Additional Ethernet switch
Route planning trial Additional serial to Ethernet converter
Simulation mode  
Software Features
Ship data
AIS target information
User defined profiles
Contact fusion
Target association, vectors and past positions
Target display and tote table
Steering information
Dynamic clutter
Depth display
Single or dual Plan Position Indicator (PPI) for enhanced situational awareness
ARPA (automatic radar plotting aid)
200 contact tracker
Automatic contact acquisition zones
Polyzone acquisition xclusion zones
Tote table
Integral simulator
Radar sensor control
Serial and analogue interfaces
Ground stabilised user mapping
Time, waypoint and route display with indication of cross
Track error
Man-overboard marker with drift compensation and
Elapsed time indicator
Parallel index lines
Electronic tape measure for rapid range and bearing calculation
Common reference point
Two electronic bearing lines
Two variable range markers
Displays official Electronic Navigation Charts (ENCs)
Route planning and monitoring
ARPA/AIS contact fusion
Software Included Options

Standard Radar

(Supplied as standard)

Single Radar Display Enhanced Target Detection (ETD) Mode
  Dual Radar Display Route Planning
  Chart Radar (180 day trial licence) FLIR Camera
  Enhanced Target Detection (180 day trial licence)  
  Route Planning (180 day trial licence)  
Chart Radar Single Radar ECS
  Dual Radar Display Enhanced Target Detection (ETD) Mode
  Chart Radar (180 day trial licence) FLIR Camera
  Enhanced Target Detection (180 day trial licence)  
ECS with Radar Interlay ECS  
  Route Planning  
  ECS Radar Interlay  


Transceiver Spec 12kW SharpEye™
Frequency Band X-Band S-Band
Frequency 9,41GHz ±0.03GHz 2.9 - 3.1 GHz (8 selectable channels)
Peak Power 12kW 200W typical
Magnetron Life 10,000 HRS typical No Magnetron MTBF > 150,000 HRS
Signal Processing N/A Pulse Compression 660:1
Pulse Length/PRF (S)   *
Pulse length/PRF (M) UPDATE in progress - please check back soon. *
Pulse Length/PRF (L)   *
Receiver Noise   < 4dB nom.
Receiver IF Frequency 75MHz 60MHz
Receiver Bandwidth   20MHz
Minimum Range < 40m < 40m
Range Resolution   15m

*SharpEye™ transmits a non-linear sequence of S, M and L pulses simultaneously. Each transmission is unique, enabling pulse compression.

Antenna Specs 1.9m X-Band 3.9m S-Band
Beamwidth (H) UPDATE in progress - please check back soon. 2.0° -3dB
Beamwidth (V)   26°
Antenna Gain   > 28dB
Polarisation Horizontal Horizontal
Sidelobes (±10)   < -26dB
Sidelobes >10   < -32dB