Kelvin Hughes


Kelvin Hughes, believes that training is a core necessity for running a successful and efficient business. For all of our staff, customers, agents and sub-contractors the possibility of undertaking one of our technical training courses enhances their confidence and wellbeing. The knowledge that they are being trusted and invested in can only improve their operational effectiveness.

Over the longer term, on-going training offers staff stability and recognition that leads to a more productive operation and lowered operating costs.

The courses offered by Kelvin Hughes are mainly based at our well-equipped training facility based at the headquarters of Kelvin Hughes in Enfield, UK. If required, it might be possible to operate some courses at a Customer's own premises anywhere in the world.

The Enfield premises are easily reached from all of the major Southeast UK airports and we are able to offer a range of hotels with special corporate rates for our customers. Being very close to London (a major tourist destination) has its benefits - a short 45-minute train journey starting a few hundred yards from our premises will transport you into the centre of one of the world’s most famous and vibrant capitals. All course training material and notes will be provided in English and students should have a good understanding of marine electronics and the Maritime international language to gain the most benefit from the training courses.

Courses are from 2 to 5 days in duration depending on the subject matter.

Repair and maintenance of our own manufactured equipment is covered by technical training courses, with some items having user courses offered as well.

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