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Maritime Systems

Kelvin Hughes is a world leader in the design and supply of navigation and surveillance radar systems for naval ships, submarines, coastguard vessels, port Vessel Traffic Service (VTS), coastal surveillance, special forces, offshore infrastructure and merchant ships.

SharpEye™ solid state Doppler radar is at the heart of our navigation and surveillance systems providing maritime situational awareness through advanced target detection capability.

SharpEye™ will detect the smallest of targets in severe weather, earlier, and at longer ranges than conventional magnetron based radar.

The I-Band (X-Band) and E/F-Band (S-Band) variants of SharpEye™ are an advanced pulse compressed Doppler navigation and situational awareness radar sensor providing surface search and surveillance capabilities aimed at the detection of low Radar Cross Section (RCS) targets such as semi submersed objects as well as small uncooperative boats and jet skis that may pose asymmetric threats. The inherent target detection capabilities offered by SharpEye™ also make it an ideal sensor for naval and offshore platform helicopter control applications.

For commercial shipping applications a variant of the S-Band SharpEye™ radar transceiver is available featuring high reliability from the solid state design and pulse compression providing increased performance of the radar.

Kelvin Hughes provides a comprehensive range of radar systems suitable for applications ranging from shipborne navigation, situational awareness and helicopter control to port VTS, coastal surveillance and offshore infrastructure security.

Naval and Coastguard Radar

VTS and Coastal Surveillance Radar

  • SBS-700 series radar - Advanced magnetron X and S-Band
  • SBS-800 series radar - SharpEye™ upmast X and S-Band
  • SBS-900 series radar - SharpEye™ X and S-Band dual redundant

Small Watercraft Radar

  • SharpEye™ SCV X-Band surveillance radar
  • Tactical navigation radar display

Commercial / Merchant Marine Navigation Radar

  • SharpEye™ S-Band solid state upmast radar
  • 10kW X-Band upmast magnetron radar
  • Widescreen ARPA radar displays
  • VDR and SVDR systems
  • Low profile antennas

Kelvin Hughes provides a full range of radar spares, support, service and maintenance packages for naval, VTS, coastal surveillance and commercial shipping customers including global service and support and managed service for the commercial shipping market.