Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)

Similar to the black boxes carried on aircraft, marine VDRs enable accident investigators to review procedures, instructions and communications in the moments before an incident and help to identify the cause of any accident.

MantaDigital™ Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)

The VDR collects data from the sensors on board the vessel and stores it in an externally mounted Crash Survivable Module (CSM). The CSM is a tamperproof unit designed to withstand the extreme shock, impact, pressure and heat, which could be associated with a maritime incident. The CSM may be retrieved from the vessel and the stored data replayed by the authorities for investigative purposes.

The Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital™ VDR exceeds the requirements of IMO Performance Standard A861(20) for Shipborne Voyage Data Recorders and the latest data download specification SN 246.

The MantaDigital™ range of voyage data recorders features include:

  • Fixed and/or float-free data storage capsule.
  • Removable Storage Unit (White Box) allows the ship's history to be archived ashore (option) allows 30 days continuous recording
  • Office PC Playback Software for training and monitoring purposes (option)
  • Integral and optional Remote Status and Alarm Module (SAM)
  • Integral UPS for 2 hours for all data items
  • USB port for on-board downloads to laptop
  • AC and 24V DC Operation (Option)