Magnetron Radar Systems

For over 60 years, Kelvin Hughes has been supplying Radar to the commercial shipping fleet. The latest product is MantaDigital™, which provides the navigator with the ultimate in functionality, safety and reliability. MantaDigital™ combined with the solid-state SharpEye™ Radar gives the ultimate in low life cost combined with superior functionality and performance.


MantaDigital™ Philosophy

Designed for ease of operation MantaDigital™ is the latest product from Kelvin Hughes' Manta development programme. This new generation multi function radar system exceeds the 2008 IMO performance requirements and is the ideal partner to the solid-state SharpEye™ radar.

MantaDigital™ is driven by Kelvin Hughes' "common-core" processor system which is now in use throughout the radar, ECDIS and VDR product ranges providing enhanced functionality, reliability and low cost of ownership.

The Range

MantaDigital™ is available in a variety of forms to meet the needs of different vessel types and operational scenarios. It can be supplied in options ranging from a single 22" Desktop retrofit system through to a fully inter-switched bridge system with up to six radar sensors and displays.

Display options include 22" and 26" screens, pedestal, desktop and mounting into consoles. The transmitter options include 10kW and 25kW X band and 30kW S band magnetron systems and both S and X band SharpEye™ solid-state solutions.