Kelvin Hughes

Situational Intelligence, The World Over

06 Jun - 08 Jun

Offshore West Africa 2016 brought together a record-breaking attendance of oil & gas professionals, creating a vibrant networking experience, generating new business ventures and initiating further learning opportunities. Providing an exclusive source of information for over the past 20 years, Offshore West Africa 2017 will once again showcase the most innovative technologies and groundbreaking solutions within the deepwater exploration and production industry. Combining both a high quality conference and rich exhibition of services and equipment.

Offshore infrastructure such as oil and gas processing platforms and FPSOs have the same needs for management of vessel traffic around the asset and neighbouring assets. Often the offshore facility is completely self-reliant and requires appropriately located radars to provide VTS, safety, security and private surveillance of the surrounding sea area.

The SBS (Shore Based Sensor) radar range meets the requirements of IALA recommendation V-128 and we work with system integrators to enable the correct solution to be specified according to the end user's requirements. SharpEye™ offshore radar systems provide the user with the ability to detect cooperative and uncooperative targets at longer ranges, earlier and in heavy rain and high sea states. With hundreds of commissioned SBS systems worldwide operating reliably every day in ports, along coastlines and on offshore oil and gas platforms and FPSOs, SharpEye™ is proven in any coastal and offshore surveillance environment.

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