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Kelvin Hughes is a world leader in the design and supply of navigation and surveillance systems. It has been in the forefront for more than 250 years, supplying advanced navigation solutions and services around the globe. From instrumentation to digital charts, integrated bridge display systems to solid state surveillance radars, Kelvin Hughes has established itself as a technology innovator and reliable partner to the world’s navies, merchant shipping, and pleasure craft operators. That expertise is also applied to the land domain where products designed and built by Kelvin Hughes safeguard borders, coastlines, and critical national infrastructure.

The company sets the international standard in its field. Technology “firsts” include the first commercial radar in 1947, the first paper chart tracing service in 1971, and recently, the SharpEye™ SCV: the world’s first small watercraft situational awareness radar. Kelvin Hughes is dedicated to providing mariners, yachtsmen, soldiers, and security personnel with the most advanced navigation solutions and services available. Employing over 350 people, the company is divided into 3 core business units and headquartered in Enfield, North London, UK. Kelvin Hughes operates a worldwide support network employing over 350 with 12 offices in eight countries that meet customer requirements 24/7. With an eye to the future, Kelvin Hughes has embarked on a programme of continuous innovation to place it among the fastest-growing companies in the industry.

Kelvin Hughes delivers technological excellence, reliability and affordability.

Registered Offices

Kelvin Hughes is a global company with operations and brands worldwide that operate through Kelvin Hughes and its subsidiary companies.
Incorporated in England no. 1030135.

ChartCo a Kelvin Hughes brand, trading under the name ChartCo Limited.
Incorporated in England no. 03652059

Registered Office:

Mollison Avenue

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