Kelvin Hughes

Apprentice Academy

Apprentice Academy

Kelvin Hughes launched its Training and Apprenticeship Academy in August 2014 which is being delivered in partnership with local colleges.

Kelvin Hughes is currently offering Apprenticeships at its Enfield site both under the government scheme and through in-house bespoke schemes. This dual approach enables us to consider learners from local schools and colleges that meet the Government Apprenticeship education entry requirements and also applicants that may not meet certain entry requirements, yet still are excellent candidates for a Kelvin Hughes in-house Apprenticeship.

Through the Kelvin Hughes Training and Apprenticeship Academy and local learning providers such as The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL) you will learn on the job and receive high quality training while working towards nationally recognised qualifications.

Training is not just available to apprentices, our employees have access to in-house and external training resources and the Company continually develops its capabilities through the development of its people.

Academy Charter

  • Ensure the future of Kelvin Hughes and it's Companies through the development of young people and investment in staff and training
  • Provide a platform for people entering work for the first time or re-entering to gain the skills and develop the attributes needed to be successful in their chosen career paths
  • Invest in ensuring a professional work ethic is maintained
  • Where possible provide opportunities for young people and those re-entering work to transfer their skills to new roles
  • To contribute to the local economy through local employment

In order to begin an Apprenticeship you must be employed, so if you think you would like a chance to experience working in a world class and global organisation in one of the roles below, please get in touch today.