Our Company

Kelvin Hughes is a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of maritime navigation and surveillance radar systems. Our company sets the international standard in solid state radar sensor technology with SharpEye™ and its market leading navigation and tactical radar display systems.

With a product range covering maritime and land applications, SharpEye™ functionality is used in a wide range of markets. It provides class leading detection from naval to commercial maritime navigation, port Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), coastal and ground surveillance and marine security applications.


Our Heritage


Kelvin Hughes has a proud and enviable history dating back over 250 years tracing its roots back to Thomas Hughes, a Master of the Clock-makers Company, and Lord Kelvin, a prolific inventor and one of the world’s greatest scientists.

Always the market innovator for radar sensors and systems, Kelvin Hughes has an unprecedented list of technology firsts, from the first type approved radar in 1947 to today the world’s first commercially available, affordable and multipurpose solid state radar for maritime navigation.

HENSOLDT, the leading independent sensor house, acquired Kelvin Hughes in September 2017 to complement its radar and security business.

Kelvin Hughes has always followed a strategy of continuous innovation, evolving into multiple growing markets. Now, as part of the HENSOLDT group, the pace of growth is set to accelerate with the creation of an independent Security Solutions product line offering integrated solutions.